Minggan Li, Ph.D.Director of Production & Product Development

    Minggan has an extensive background in mechanical, material and biomedical engineering, in both industrial and academic settings. He has published over 22 peer-reviewed journal articles and filed two microfluidic technology patents. Minggan is currently a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Zepto Life Technology, where he leads the design and development of microfluidic cartridges for portable IVD devices.

    Prior to joining Zepto Life Technology, Minggan has established over nine years’ experience in applying microfluidics to life science and medical device product development. His early career was focused on developing microfluidic chips for 3D cell culture at St. Michael Hospital, Toronto, Canada. Minggan has designed and developed cartridges that run HIV cell assay, p24 immunoassay and CT/NG molecular assay for different in-vitro diagnostics devices (IVD) at ChipCare Corp., Toronto, Canada. He was also a Senior Product Engineer at Thinkari Research Inc, Toronto, Canada, where he designed a microfluidic flow cell for a portable flow cytometer.

    Minggan received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, and his thesis applied engineering principles and methods to medical device innovations.

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