Zepto’s Collaborator Spotlight

Our Astonishing Partners:

Zepto celebrates collaborations and open lines of communication to better serve the medical community with clinical accuracy point-of-care diagnostic tests. We are working together with industry leaders to perfect our solutions and making it available to patients worldwide. Our dedicated team of scientists and engineers is the driving force behind our innovations. To partner with us, send us a message through the portal below.

Collaborative Laboratories

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In addition to our own CLIA certified testing lab, Zepto also partners with other CLIA certified laboratories to make Zepto’s solutions readily available to end-users. Our goal for clinical medicine is to provide efficient and highly sensitive diagnostic instruments in order to better patient outcomes. Zepto’s cost-effective portable point-of-care devices lower the barrier to entry for offering a new test option at your laboratory. Send us a message to find the right choice for you.

Get In Touch

If you would like to learn more about our technology or would like to partner with us, don’t be afraid to reach out! Zepto is always looking to incorporate more dedicated & passionate innovators who share our vision into our team. Send us a message today!