Respiratory Virus Identification

Respiratory Virus Panel

Current Problem

The coronavirus disease COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2, is currently causing a pandemic around the world. This has demonstrated the need for next-generation molecular diagnostics.

Properties of an ideal next-generation virus diagnostics.

1) Faster development of new assay .

2) Point-of-care with fast results.

3) Test for all potential respiratory viruses.

Why Zepto can solve the problem

Zepto can solve the problem because GMR can multiplex at a higher level as compared to current tests, while still being able to deliver fast results. Additionally, GMR is able to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), which reduces false positives to speed up assay development for new threats.

Properties of Zepto’s Virus Panel

1) Signal is objectively verified, which reduces false positives and development time.

2) Results can be generated in 30 minutes at point-of-care without specialized training.

3) Currently the panel can test for 10 viruses, but can easily be expanded.

Healthcare Benefit

1) Reduce spread of virus through faster diagnostics.

2) No specialized training results in improved workflow.

3) Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.

4) Improve hospital bedflow.

5) Reduce antibiotics.

6) Reduce overall healthcare costs by testing for all relevant viruses.

Zepto’s Virus Panel

Respiratory Virus Panel

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