Our Manufacturing
Internal Manufacturing Capabiilities

Scalable by Design

  • Scalable manufacturing process
  • Robotic Inspection and Assembly
  • Flexible biological sensor coating
  • High throughput wire bonding

Our proprietary Zetta software is a one-in-all module application that serves as a user interface throughout the lifecycle of Zepto’s products. It automates the communication between individual production tooling of the manufacturing line. Zepto is able to monitor the entire process and oversee performances in real-time. The automation and monitoring capabilities of Zetta provide lead-time for Zepto’s proactive maintenance and repair. Preventative maintenance of industrial tooling, ensures consistency of instruments produced.

Picture of Minnesota Nano Center

Minnesota Nano Center

  • Full access to Nano Center clean room
  • Preliminary production level achieved
  • Thin Film Deposition, Photolithography, RIE, Characterization
    Equipment: CVD, Sputterer, Evaporator, Stepper, SEM, etc.
  • Optimization of sensor fabrication with Zepto’s patented technology
  • High reproducability, high consistency, and maintains high sensitivity of Zepto’s GMR sensor


  • One-in-all module application
  • Interface throughout lifecycle of Zepto’s products
  • Enabled communication between individual production tooling
  • Real-time monitoring of production quality
  • Lead-time for preventative maintenance

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