Ningze Sun, MBAProgram Director

    Ningze is a medical device veteran with more than 15 years of product development and program management experience. He has extensive experience in open heart surgery devices, in-vitro diagnostic platform and assay development, endoscopic biopsy tools, and laparoscopic surgical devices.

    He is a passionate visionary and an engaging medical device industry leader who combines technical strength, business acumen, and execution capability to deliver innovative medical device solutions and improve patient experience. Ningze’s strong industry experience has allowed him to build and lead a highly effective team for new product development at Zepto Life.

    Ningze joined Zepto Life Technology in January 2019 and is currently the Program Director. Prior to Zepto Life, Ningze worked at Medtronic, Beckman Coulter, and Olympus Surgical Technology of America. He has also launched multiple products in global markets, including the United States and Europe.

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