Michael SandstedtDirector of Software Development

    Michael is a software engineer with deep expertise in embedded and distributed systems, as well as a strong hardware background. He brings a solid software development background to Zepto Life Technology, with a focus on quality, organization, extensibility, and maintainability. Michael is currently the Director of Software Development at Zepto Life Technology.

    Prior to Zepto Life Technology, Michael worked at Cray Inc., specializing in software design for Cray’s management infrastructure, including the company’s industry-leading XC family supercomputers. As bringup lead for Cray’s hardware supervisory system, Michael made key technical contributions in product development on the Xeon Phi (Intel Knights Landing) XC40 product offering, enabling successful deployment at the multi-hundred-thousand core scale realized in the Trinity (housed at LANL), Cori (housed at NERSC) and Theta (housed at ANL) supercomputers.

    Michael graduated top of his class with degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

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