FAQQ: What can your products do for us?

A: Zepto makes analyte concentration analysis devices and assays, which can be used in laboratory molecular diagnostics, point-of-care testing, as well as virus and health threaten specimen on-line monitoring.

Q: What are the major advantages of your product compared to existing diagnostics tools?

A: Revolutionarily high sensitivity for early phase diagnosis; extremely low sample volume requirement and multiplex (>10) capability; fully automatic data processing and cloud storage for both personal and enterprise customers

Q: Who should be using your products?

A: Zepto makes products available to both laboratory professionals (clinical diagnostics) and amateur individuals (health condition monitoring).

Q: How long do tests take with your technology?

A: The hardware and software system takes care most of the sample processing and data collection to free up users’ time to enjoy life. For certain cases user may only need spend as short as five minutes with the device.