Our mission: To invent and deliver world-class technologies that provide accurate and highly sensitive detection and diagnostic solutions to our customers, while continuously improving our operations to maintain a sustainable and profitable business.


About UsOur vision: To lead the world in monitoring and diagnosing health imperfectness for continued improvements of people’s life quality.

At Zepto Life Technology, LLC, we believe that early disease detection will lead to more effective treatments both in terms of patient outcome and monetary cost.

Detection and quantification of specific biological molecules is an increasingly important technology as doctors learn to correlate results with certain diseases.

We are committed to developing bio-molecule sensing systems that are: high sensitivity, low cost, portable, quick, easy to use, and accessible even in resource-limited parts of the world.

We are a joint venture with the University Of Minnesota. We license the most advanced technology in GMR biosensor from the University Of Minnesota. Our team includes our chief scientist Professor Jianping Wang and many dedicated scientists and IT developers. We are located in St Paul, MN.